Understanding The Drive Of A Rising Generation

With their authentic passion and unprecedented access to technology, millennials possess a world-changing potential unlike any previous generation. In this compact manifesto,    17-year-old entrepreneur Andrew Rosenstein describes the extraordinary power and potential of millennials.

Despite a learning disability, Rosenstein has launched his own successful businesses, gaining the friendship and guidance of many top CEOs, all while still in high school.

By sharing his own story, inspiring examples of other enterprising millennials, and advice from successful entrepreneurs, Rosenstein explains how this uniquely “plugged in” generation has an unparalleled opportunity to connect, learn, and make a difference. With advice both practical (how to find mentors, use social media to effectively brand yourself, make school work for you) and inspirational (identify your passions, build on your strengths, never be afraid of the word “no”), A Millennial World provides insight and guidance for millennials, as well as companies who market to them, and future employers who want to take advantage of their strengths.

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The Testimonials

Praise for A Millennial World

–Scott Barry Kaufman, Scientific Director, The Imagination Institute

Just awesome. "By growing up with dyslexia, Andrew has experienced what it is like to struggle with something holding him back, and yet he continued to push through to find something that he loves: entrepreneurship. A Millennial World shows just how much Millennials— with diverse backgrounds— can learn and grow in today’s age."

–Brian Smith, UGG Founder

Amazing! "Andrew understands how Millennials work, buy, and communicate. A Millennial World offers valuable insights on how organizations can better prepare themselves for Millennials to takeover!”

–Abbee Phillips, Partner at JM Search

Great Book. "Andrew is one of the most well connected 17-year-olds I've met in the last few years and in A Millennial World he shares how he has been able to connect with so many people over his evolution of growing up. He shares how Millennials have the ability to do everything he has done and more just by the power of technology, an advantage other generations weren't exposed to and didn't have access to.”

–Michael Auerbach, General Partner at Subversive Capital

Worth every cent. "Andrew Rosenstein's understanding of Millennials is as engaging as it is profound. For a generation growing up with constant technological disruption, low job security, and high economic uncertainty, they've all had to be-come entrepreneurs in one way or another -- their entire professional lives becoming their own small businesses. A deeply thought-provoking read.”

–Ben Kirshner, CEO & Founder of Elite SEM

Impressive. “Andrew is the true definition of an entrepreneur. I met him a few years ago at a networking event and ever since he has never failed to impress me. A Millennial World shows the potential of such a powerful generation. It speaks not only to how Millennials can be powerful but as well as how companies can take advantage of how smart and creative they are.”

–Jarrod Kahn, President, Global Brands Group

Enlightening. "After meeting Andrew, I realized how important it was for our company to figure out a strategy to market to millennial. They're an extremely important consumer group as well as an important part of the workforce. Andrew is an expert on millennials as he himself is one. My team and I very much enjoyed working with him as he really opened our eyes to the millennial generation."

Millennials Are

The Plugged-In Generation
Millennials are the first generation who grew up surrounded by technology, computers, and more recently, social media, never knowing any other way of life.
Powerful Consumers
With the largest spending power over any other generation, Millennials are increasingly changing the way marketers connect with their audiences.
Uniquely Creative
Employers who understand Millennials best will reap the benefits.
In the past, entrepreneurship was not seen as “cool”. We are now living in a generation with tons of ideas and unlimited access to technology, people, and money.
Millennials have an innate ability to leverage social media to create connections and achieve personal success.
Experiential learning and uncharted paths for Millennials is becoming commonplace. Non-traditional learning is proving to be beneficial for young adults and employers alike.
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About The Author

Andrew is a 17-year old entrepreneur with multiple businesses and success stories under his belt.  He’s been able to do anything he set his mind to, and now puts his thoughts on paper.

Andrew Rosenstein

Andrew Rosenstein is a 17-year-old entrepreneur in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After being diagnosed with dyslexia at age 12, Rosenstein wanted to change misperceptions about people with learning disabilities. In 2012, as a seventh grader at AIM Academy, a college prep school for students with language-based learning disabilities, Rosenstein launched his first e-commerce business. He sold peoples’ “trash” (unwanted valuables such as electronics, handbags, and shoes) online, taking 30 percent for his services and giving the customer 70 percent. After generating nearly $20,000 in revenue, he felt compelled to start a business that meant more to him personally.

In 2013, along with his friend Sophia Gross, Rosenstein started Opportunity Rise, a student-led organization that raises awareness and funding for students with learning disabilities. Opportunity Rise sells branded apparel, with part of the proceeds, enabling Andrew and Sophia to give talks around the U.S., sharing the message that having a learning disability can be an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

In 2014, while expanding Opportunity Rise, Rosenstein secured a summer internship at Glass-U, a millennial-led company that markets customizable sunglasses. Having worked his way up from an intern who sold sunglasses at street shows and college campuses, he now manages the company’s social media marketing efforts.

In 2015, Rosenstein spent a summer in London, England, working for several companies that focus on marketing to the millennial generation. This experience further ignited his passion for entrepreneurship and learning how to effectively market products and services for millennials.

In addition to being a full-time student, varsity basketball player, and managing his business ventures, Rosenstein travels around the country, sharing his research, insights, and personal experiences on the power and potential of millennials. He has spoken at many venues, including the International Dyslexia Association, Dr. Angela Duckworth’s Character Lab, and University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center.

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